As you think about sharing the gospel visualize yourself talking with a friend in a normal conversation and they bring up in the conversation about a great book they have just read. You listen intently and say that sounds great and they gladly volunteer to bring it to the office tomorrow so you can borrow it and you smile and say “and I have a book for you too. You will love it.” Now here is the catch. What is the best book to share? If you haven’t laid the ground work for The Book of Mormon then you need to think of another appropriate Church Book that can inspire them in regards to the gospel. It is that simple. Or you could be discussing something about families and they lament the difficulty with one of their children and their relationships. You quickly volunteer a great article in the Ensign that could assist them in their challenge. Simply visualize talking to neighbors and friends about gospel-oriented subjects. Anything that is good is gospel-oriented.

As you become acquainted with people at work, at school, shopping or in just casual conversations look for opportunities to compliment them honestly and with a genuine heart. This could be about something they have said like, “That is so insightful of you.” “What a great idea.” “You are so kind.” There are hundreds of ways to praise and inspire others in regular everyday conversations. Just look for the opportunities. You will build friendships and a level of trust so when you want to share something with them it will not be overly awkward. Sharing something could range from a book, a magazine, an invitation to a social event or even a Church activity which is geared for friends of other faiths or simply to come over to watch a TV special about the Church. BYU TV has a pleather of offerings that are perfect for sharing the gospel.

Seek opportunities to visit with neighbors or friends over a challenge that you face. Ask them questions on how they would address your situation. Ask them for help in regard to a recipe, a building project, color schemes for your house, listen to some ideas you need to share at Church and get their opinion. Simply seek help. Everyone feels the need to be “needed.” This is a strong relationship builder when you trust another person with your problems. Set down and talk it over. You might simply say something like, “Sally have you got 5-10 minutes to give me feedback on a difficulty I am facing?” Then you can just talk about your concerns with them. People are willing to help. Learn to trust your neighbors and friends and then they will learn to trust you.

Live your life so exemplary that neighbors and friends constantly inquire of you how you get everything done and marvel at all the good you do. Your light will shine and then they will ask the questions. And when the questions come you lead them to the power source of all the good that you do is simply by following our Savior. Examples are powerful ways to help people get acquainted with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact you can simply ask them to help you. Believe it or not you could invite a friend to go with you to visit a ward member who is sick who needs a little conversation. You could even invite them when you take goodies to the rest homes or assisted living centers to bring a little joy to the people…and you don’t even know the people you are going to visit. This will be an eye opener for some. Take them with you when you volunteer at the soup kitchen for the homeless. Let them live an exemplary life with you. Is this going to be fun or what? And these are things the Savior would do as he went about doing good. This is sharing the gospel and it is a natural thing to do. This is what Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ do and your friends will be right there with you.

When your friendships deepen it will be normal and natural to let them know of your profound love for them. When you express love and gratitude it becomes very easy to say something like, “As we have become friends I often think of you and your family. We have come to love you so much I simply want to share with you what I hold sacred. I have…and then you bear your testimony. It could end with that. It could illicit deep conversations. It could open the door for gospel questions. The important thing is that you have borne witness of the Lord Jesus Christ to one of Heavenly Fathers children. You have sought to bring a soul unto Christ. That is absolutely magnificent. They get to choose. This could be the beginning of their seeking to know the truth or it could be a tender moment two friends shared a spiritual experience. When your love is felt they will listen.

When the moment is right with a friend you could ask a series of questions like. “Say Bill, have you ever thought about the hereafter? What brings you happiness? What have been your most enjoyable experiences in life? If he is a little reluctant then you could share one of your special experiences about the gospel and why it means so much to you. Friends can share special feelings with each other. You could even be giving a talk on missionary work and you could ask him to critique it. You could ask him why do you think people don’t attend Church like they use to in the olden days. It is simply talking about the deeper things of life as they relate to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This will often bring out some real concerns about religion in their lives. Then invitations to participate in gospel-oriented activities are a natural thing to do.

It is important that people see in you in a state of happiness and well being. We are a happy people. We live after the manner of happiness. This is the reward for living the gospel. Rewards for living the gospel of Jesus Christ are inherent with obedience to the commandments of God. If you show enthusiasm for what you are doing others can see your joy in living the gospel. It is nice to be kind. There is joy in doing good. This is not a doctrinal preaching time this is a time of seeing the fruits of living the gospel. They will simply want what you enjoy in life. The rewards are indescribably delicious. And think of the rewards of exaltation. When others come to realize that there little children who have passed away are safely in the hands of God the Father they are filled with hope and gratitude. When they come to understand that families are forever they feel the love of God and recognize His Almighty power. Show your friends the rewards of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As you do these things naturally and without pretense you will come to see that sharing the gospel is simply what you do as directed by the Holy Spirit. It is not a program it is who you are. We just have a new mind set. Sharing the gospel will become as natural and easy as talking to your neighbor about the weather. “Speaking of the weather Alexa it is such a beautiful day I have to read you the most beautiful paragraph about life that I just read.” You hurry back into the house and come out with a quote from the Ensign. Wow is this fun or what; we really can become Member Missionaries.


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