Missionary Beat: December 11, 2013

Around the web today for stories of interest to future missionaries, missionary moms, returned missionaries, member missionaries, and missionaries of every sort and variety.

  • Jorg Klebingat “The Spiritual Talent of Self-Correcting”– This mission president’s advice not only helps full-time missionaries, but everyone trying to improve day to day. “If you feel tempted to always give reasons for your actions, to reply immediately to any form of criticism, if you feel to hide or justify your weaknesses or if you hide behind a “perfectionist” wall you may be suffering from at least a mild case of low self-confidence. Self-correcting quickly is code for repenting quickly.”
  • “15 Real-Life Examples of Sharing the Gospel” The title undersells how useful this list is — just out from the Church this week. This is a list of 35 ways youth can share the gospel with others. From the indirect “Wear a CTR ring to school” that can inspire others to talk to you to the bold, “Stand and testify when the time is right. Most of the time, sharing the gospel takes place in small conversations with friends. But every now and then, you might just have a chance to teach a large group all at once.”

  • LaughInHalf “LDS Missionary sees Mom after Two Years” This missionary’s response to seeing his mom for the first time after returning home is absolutely priceless. (It get’s good at the 1:40 mark, but watch the entire thing the anticipation is half the fun.)

  • Terrie Lynn Bittner “Become a Volunteer LDS Blogger”– Looking for a new way to share the gospel in the new year? LDSBlogs.com is looking for new bloggers to share inspirational messages with others. “If you become a volunteer gospel blogger with LDSBlogs.com, we’ll do all the hard non-writing parts for you. All you have to do is write a good blog post—about 700 words or so—and submit it. Then we’ll do the final edit, add a meme you can share with your friends on social media to get them to your post, and post it online for you at a site that has other bloggers and lots of traffic.”
  • “President Anderson’s Letter– These small miracles will fill your heart with faith and gratitude. “As I listened on, he shared a dream that he’d had a couple weeks prior to our visit about 2 young women that came to his door  and brought the word of God to him. . . . It was awesome. His wife even testified that he had shared his dream with her when he had it!!”

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