Missionary Beat: December 18, 2013

Around the web today for stories of interest to future missionaries, missionary moms, returned missionaries, member missionaries, and missionaries of every sort and variety.

  • Anne Ashworth “Applying the Gospel to Missionary Work: Repentance” – One currently serving missionary shares her testimony of the blessings of daily repentance in accomplishing the work of the Lord. “There are a lot of situation-specific conversations that come as a result of living with another human being 24/7. Any bad habit or silly quirk or annoying tendency you may have quickly becomes apparent within the first week. No one is exempt; we all do at least one thing that will drive our companion nuts. I imagine that spending so much time together in such a manner gives us a taste of what an omnipotent being gets to experience. Unfortunately, human beings tend to be a lot less forgiving than said omnipotent being when for the 489th time they have to say, ‘Sister Ashworth, will you PLEASE stop leaving all the cupboards open whenever you get something from the kitchen??'”
  • Sarah Jane Weaver “Sign Marks Joseph Smith’s Birthplace”– One missionary’s very specific crusade took her through a lot of red tape, but ended in success. “Getting a large sign installed on the interstate highway was as task many said was not possible. In the past, the Church paid for a freeway sign, directing visitors to the Joseph Smith Birthplace. However, the sign was removed in 2001 after a change in legislative rules concerning signs on the interstate in Vermont.”
  • Joshua Steimle “How a Mormon Mission Prepared Me to Open a Foreign Office”– The lessons this man learned from his mission changed his entire life for the better. “From this experience I learned to not only be prepared for anything, but to anticipate and be excited about the unknown. This has helped me as an entrepreneur to open my mind to new opportunities and never say “Oh, that’s crazy, I could never do that.”
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