Missionary Beat: December 7, 2013

Around the web today for stories of interest to future missionaries, missionary moms, returned missionaries, member missionaries, and missionaries of every sort and variety.

  • It’s nice to see so many wards and stakes celebrating Christmas by opening up their doors and sharing our love of Jesus Christ with any and all who will listen. Is there any better and more natural way to be a missionary?

  • Sandra Bateman “Jello Christmas”– What is the greatest gift we could send to missionaries for Christmas? What about a simple box of Jello. “The young men were deeply moved at the extreme poverty they saw. No one in the family had shoes, and their clothes were ill-fitting and in condition beyond mending. The walls of the little home showed daylight between the wooden slats.”

  • Nick Soon “Graduates Ready for Mormon Missionary Work” How did these future missionaries from Australia prepare to serve?  “Tala Tina’o from Doonside, one of the graduates, said seminary provided a guide to those who wished to understand more about the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

  • Trent Toone “Tips for LDS Bloggers– Do you share the gospel online? Why not take some advice from one of the greatest blogs of all time The Book of Mormon? “Bloggers would be wise to learn from the writers in Omni, Sweat agreed. ‘Don’t blow your chance to bless a life like Chemish and say nothing of value (see Omni 1:9), or be arrogant in your comments like Abinadom (Omni 1:10) and brag about how many Lamanites you slew,’ Sweat said. ‘Be inspired like Amaleki (Omni 1:12-30) and give us something useful, something good, something beneficial to think on and learn from.'”

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