Missionary Beat: January 18, 2014

Around the web today for stories of interest to future missionaries, missionary moms, returned missionaries, member missionaries, and missionaries of every sort and variety.

  • Howard Collett “LDS Physicians Helping Babies Breathe” – Volunteers for LDS philanthropies are taking a life-saving approach to infant care in Indonesia. By training trainers in infant CPR, they hope to create a perpetual source of trained midwives. “LDS Charities is a recognized innovator of the “train the trainer” approach to neonatal resuscitation training. In Indonesia, a portion of that training, called Helping Babies Breathe, is being introduced for the first time. “
  • DegnAcademy “Grandparents Called to Serve Missions” Missionaries strive to bring individuals closer to Jesus Christ and His Church. Usually they affect those in their areas of service, but one daughter-in-law of senior missionaries recounts how their service changed her heart. “At the time my children’s grandparents left on this third mission two years ago, I had no intention of returning to the Church. Blessings do come from missionary service, and in ways that we can’t always predict. “
  • Tim Torkildson “A Gustatory Memoir of a Mormon Mission in Thailand– Returned missionaries always bring something home with them, whether it’s a new love for the people, a stronger testimony, or greater patience. This RM brought home a refined sense of cuisine. “There would be two or three different curries, made with potatoes, palm sugar and “beef” — meaning a cut of elderly water buffalo; it chewed like a rubber band, but we missionaries had stainless steel teeth and unending determination.”
  • Nick O’Malley “God’s Army”– When one reporter with a skeptical attitude and scant knowledge about the Church flew to Salt Lake to tour the MTC (Missionary Training Center), he discovered something very sincere about the people there. “When the taxi driver, Greg, learns that I am in town to meet young Mormons in training for their missions to Australia, he tells me stories of his time as a missionary in Sweden, 20 years earlier. Over the coming days, many of the men I meet in Salt Lake City turn out to be former missionaries.”
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