Missionary Beat: January 19, 2014

Around the web today for stories of interest to future missionaries, missionary moms, returned missionaries, member missionaries, and missionaries of every sort and variety.

  • Gary and Joy Lundberg “Standing up for the prophet” In the Provo Missionary Training Center, local members of the Church often act like investigators to help the training missionaries practice. Check out these powerful experiences from one such practice investigator.”[The missionaries] weren’t sure if we were actual investigators or members. It didn’t matter. They were to treat us as though we were investigators. At times we were so touched by their testimonies of Joseph Smith and the divinity of the Book of Mormon that it brought tears to our eyes.”
  • Cameron Alldredge “Week 88– Missionaries don’t usually want to hear their investigators say “I don’t believe it,” but it was the perfect response in this situation. “While tracting with Elder Headrick, we were let in by someone. We began telling them that we are American. They said, ‘so your parents are Hungarian?’ and we said, ‘no, they are also American.'”
  • Todd & Cheryl Williams “Call to Help: White Shirts for Mozambique Elders One humble elders makes a remarkable request, not for himself. “We have wondered how best to help Zachary continue to assist in the work of the Lord and to aid in the transformation of Mozambique to the rest of the world.  As we discussed some options with him, we realized that one of the greatest needs is to ensure the Melchizedek Priesthood continues to grow and that young men in this country continue to have the opportunity to serve a mission.”
  • Henry Kosak “Leadership Training”– Mission Presidents are known for some unusual training techniques but this approach might just top them all. “As we buried our good brother ‘I Cannot’, He will be survived by his siblings, ‘I Can’, ‘I want’, and ‘I will.'”
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