Missionary Beat: January 22, 2014

Around the web today for stories of interest to future missionaries, missionary moms, returned missionaries, member missionaries, and missionaries of every sort and variety.

  • Single Minded Determination “How to Use the Mormon Glow to Attract and Influence People” Can living the commandments and following Jesus Christ literally show in your countenance and attract others to you? One author believes it can. “The Mormon glow is a term commonly used to describe how members striving to live the gospel seem to have a light that shines from within them. Anecdotally, it’s common to hear stories of how people have identified practicing Mormons from the ‘glow’ about them.”
  • Mark Galli “Strive to be Inauthentic”– Striving to be a good missionary in our day to day life and be a good example can be daunting. Perhaps we should stop trying to be authentic and instead be something better. Plus bonus points for Downton Abbey references. “Mostly we expect ourselves to be authentic, and we blush at anything that hints we’re not. This is especially true in the area of holiness. Most of us would feel embarrassed if another introduced us in this way: ‘Meet Mark; he’s a saint, one of holiest people I know.'”
  • Kathryn Skaggs”Gilbert Arizona Temple: A Rare Glimpse by a Local TV Station– This blogger reviews the nearly 20 minute news report on the opening of the Gilbert, Arizona temple. “Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often cringe when we find out that sources outside of the Church have done a report about Mormon temples and what goes on inside. But not this time. ABC15 in Arizona has done a stellar job of producing a four-part special about LDS temples”
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