The Joy of Member Missionaries – Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements and Introduction

Chapter One: The Lord Needs Our Help

  • Accepting The Responsibility
  • The Scriptures Remind Us To Share The Gospel
  • All The Prophets Have Taught Us That It Is Our Duty To Share The Gospel
  • The Lord Will Help Us
  • Principles To Overcome Fear
  • Let Us Prepare To Receive The Help Of The Lord

Chapter Two: Getting Started

  • Opening Your Mouth
  • Making The Invitation A Key To Success
  • Examples Of Fearlessness In Opening Your Mouth And Sharing The Gospel

Chapter Three: Starting Gospel Conversations

  • True Love Required To Feed The Lords Sheep
  • Express Love to Those You Share the Gospel With
  • Building Relationships of Trust
  • Questions That Can Promote And Enhance Gospel Discussions
  • What are friends of Other Faiths Usually Interested In?

Chapter Four: The Blessings of Sharing the Gospel

  • In Sharing The Gospel We Are Made Clean And Receive Many Blessings
  • Conversion To The Lord Brings Blessings To Our Fellowmen
  • We Always Seek To Rescue The Lost And The Weary
  • Preparing People To Receive The Missionaries And Be Taught The Gospel
  • Member Missionaries Sharing The Gospel On Line
  • Share The Gospel At Work

Chapter Five: The Power And Blessings Of The Holy Ghost

  • The Holy Spirit Will Help You
  • Seek To Be A Conduit For The Holy Ghost
  • Sharing The Gospel By The Power Of The Holy Ghost
  • Recognizing The Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Ghost Is Needed To Help People Come Unto Christ
  • Teaching By The Spirit

Chapter Six: The Joy And Glory Of Bringing Souls To Christ  

  • Finding Joy
  • The Lord Is In Charge–The Holy Spirit Will Inspire You On What To Say
  • Set A Date
  • Take Time to Resolve Concerns
  • The Truly Elect Of God Will Hear His Voice
  • Many Years Of Friendship And The Miracle Of Conversion
  • Some Converts Are Already Members
  • Conclusion
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