With the introduction of Blogging (Web Journals) . . . yeah, I don’t know how they got blog out of that either . . . an explosion of housewives, mothers, grandmothers, grandafthers, husbands, fathers, sons and daughters began Mormon Workingblogging about their lives to the world. As time went on, more and more people began blogging for a variety of reasons: daily journals, world affairs, business affairs, life, culture, politics and religion. Quickly newspapers and news stations began turning to bloggers for up to the minute, pulse of the people, information on a variety of subjects considered to be newsworthy. Now major news stations such as FoxNews, CNN and MSNBC check their regular blogs while on the air, seeing how the tide is turning in Blogland. This is how powerful blogging has become. It is a marvelous tool for setting the record straight and an opportunity to begin correcting the misconceptions about Mormons and give our full-time missionaries more time to teach.

On December 15, 2007 when Elder M. Russell Ballard put the call out, members from all walks of life responded and the internet was flooded with blogs sharing the Gospel, lives and times of Latter-day Saints across the globe. More Good Foundation, along with a number of private inviduals launched websites on every topic related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by The LDS church. Even as early as April of this year the tide began to turn. No longer did anti-Mormons exclusively own the internet, but Latter-day Saints began battling the negative and false information being spread like a poison to those seeking information about the Church. Until this year, there were very few places to go for friends of other faiths to find information which wasn’t tainted by Anti-Mormons. So, you may be asking yourself: If I do start a blog what would I write about? Here are some ideas:

1)  Day-to-day life of being a Latter-day Saint.

2) Take a different gospel topic and write about one every day.

3) Watch the news, read newspapers and listen to talk radio and address these topics from a Latter-day Saint view point.

4) Promote your business while making it clear you are a Latter-day Saint and how it effects business decisions and practices.

5) Do a photo journal of life in the Church, writing brief descriptions of the pictures and how it applies to the Church.

6) Write about everything that interests you while providing links to Church and Church centric sites (meaning those that support the mission of the Church but are not affiliated in any way, shape or form.)

7) Post a different scripture every day and write your thoughts about it.

The ideas go on and on. It is my hope that this will help you to begin blogging for the Lord. Please post any questions via the Comment function. I will answer them, each and every one. Also, if you have other blogging ideas, please Comment about those as well. I’ll blog about each and every one.

In the meantime, why don’t you check out LDS.net, a social network for Latter-day Saints and those seeking answers from actual Mormons about the Gospel. It’s a great and wonderful mechanism for share the gospel online.

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