Several years ago, a teenage girl backed into my car in a parking lot.  She hadn’t been driving for very long and was pretty nervous about her first fender-bender.  After talking about what had happened and exchanging information, I commented on her beautiful necklace.  It was a locket engraved with the words, “Daddy’s girl.”  She explained that her father had just passed away.  It was apparent that she was still sorely missing him.  She added that she had just lost two others of her teenage friends. She wondered about these events and why they were happening.

Book of MormonI had a copy of The Book of Mormon in the car which I retrieved.  We talked about God’s plan of salvation, and I opened to Alma 40, reassuring her of her father’s condition and the state of the soul in rest after death, and affirmed her feelings regarding the feelings she had that Her Dad’s spirit and presence were tangible at times. We talked about her friends and the continuation of life missions beyond this life. She accepted a copy of The Book of Mormon.

Clearly, Heavenly Father knew it would be worth having us “bump into” one another to help heal a soul and advance his plan of happiness for her.

It’s much easier now to magnify the likelihood of bumping into someone interested in the gospel, with easy online connections.

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